KosiPet® Large Deluxe High Density Foam Mattress Waterproof Dog Bed  Review

KosiPet® Large Deluxe High Density Foam Mattress Waterproof Dog Bed  Review

5 stars Absolutely Fabulous KosiPet the name to trust completely for Pet Beds! 100% BySarah-janeTOP 1000 REVIEWERon 4 January 2017 I bought this Kosipet Large Deluxe High Density Foam Mattress… For my teenage (18 month old) Rottweiler after reading the feedback, as she is still a growing pup and is very heavy and bouncy still other beds I have bought her in the past have squashed flat when she has leapt onto them shortly after they arrived 🙁 This bed by comparison is Fantastic! In that it has stood up to her jumping all over it and didn’t squash one little bit when she leapt onto it! (she likes to jump from the bedroom doorway onto our bed then hers which is approx 8feet away without touching the floor lol!) Hence the reason the other beds have failed to stand up to her exuberant bouncing.

This Kosipet petbed has and is retaining its shape completely! I am so impressed I am buying another one for my elderly Labrador even if this Kosipet bed was at its original price of £70 instead of the £25 I paid for it – It would still be worth every penny. As the construction of it is superior to anything I have bought before You can see that much thought has gone into its design and great care in building its construction means it is the same quality as a top of the Range orthopaedic mattress created for humans KosiPet has created a better quality petbed with better workmanship that has gone into the making of it than most other petbeds I’ve bought…. but to test it I tried sleeping on it with some trepidation as I usually wake up with back pain in my own bed that has an orthopaedic mattress! but I actually woke up with no pain! Due in no small part to this Kosipet bed! So I am assured that my large gangly pup’s growing bones and joints will be cushioned so completely by this beautiful kosipet petbed I will never buy any other make of pet bed ever again because I’ve tried the rest this is the best!!  I recommend this LARGE Kosipet Bed 100% for All Large Breed Dogs


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  • Kosipet Deluxe High Density Foam Matress Dog Bed
  • A Huge Size Of 114 x 80 x 10 cm
  • High Density Foam Encased in A Waterproof Lining Once Encased This Helps Prevent Tick And Flea Infestation
  • The Outer Cover Is fastened At One End With Velcro And Removable For Machine Or Hand Washing At 30 Degrees
  • Possibly The Best Bed On The Market Giving Your Pet The Comfort It Deserves


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